Utstilling av Karen Laken og Camilla Løken

10 jan 2019 18:00
3 feb 2019 16:00

Frida Hansens hus inviterer til åpning av utstilling.
Dato for åpning er torsdag 10.januar, fra kl 18.00.

My current project is inspired by the Maya Angelou poem Phenomenal Woman. I am drawn to the confident tone of the text and the way that beauty is expressed both as a feeling and a gesture. Her pride and inner self belief in being an individual and distinct woman is paramount and I affirm that each of us are echoed within this narrative, if only we could see it.

In this series of oil and print artworks entitled All Woman, I seek to explore the essence of femininity. Referencing both on women I know personally and those encountered on my recent travels, the countenance and form of the female is celebrated.

In my recent work I've been exploring the contrast of the beauty and the horror caused by the atomic bomb dropped on Japan in 1945. The book Hiroshima, by John Hersey, is depicting the aftermath of the bomb, and has some disturbing descriptions of the impact it had on the people. As a result of the devastating power of the blast, clothes were scorched clean from bodies. The dark coloured clothes absorbed more heat, and patterns formed on their naked skin. For some of the women dressed in kimonos, this emerged as burns shaped like flowers.

The project is entitled The Flowers of Hiroshima, and features drawings and prints derived from the flower patterns of traditional Japanese kimonos.

Om Frida hansen

Om Frida hansen

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